TSPE plan for 2019

The Stock Photo Editor is almost 3 weeks old now. It’s still a baby, but I have already received a steady visitor count, mainly from my links in the microstock group forum and personal instagram account.

I would like to thank you for all initial feedback received for the website. Both in terms of content quality and it’s layout. It all has been extremely helpful and the current layout version is considered to be stable.

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Alamy takes back it’s royalty decrease for the exclusive contributors.

Alamy 18 Dec 2018

After receiving a contributor backlash in their Youtube video on 04/12/2018 Alamy reversed their unfavorable decision for the exclusive contributors.

Initially, the idea was to decrease all royalty payouts given to all contributors from 50% to 40%. But, for the exclusive contributors, that could lead to a flat 20% decrease of their income in 2019. But as of December 18, 2018 that decision will not take effect for the exclusive contributors.

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Transform a keyword into your next shooting(s)

There are several different approaches in the shooting workflow that can affect final quality (and sales). In this article we can discuss about a basic type of workflow that can maximize your productivity and keep your ideas coming endlessly…

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Measuring Quality for stock photography

In this post, we are going to explain a few ways that you can be measuring the quality of your content. Quality means, that people find your content useful and it is directly related to your download count. But in order to have a proper reference about the quality, you must compare your download count to the number of available content…

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How to become a stock photographer.

There are many ways you could be making money as a photographer. The most practical idea at first, is to put your work out there. In social media for your friends to see and photography websites. Soon after, you might wonder if you can make an income out of it…

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Image Size Matters

There is speculation among stock photographers about how image size can affect sales. When it comes to photography gear and camera sales, a camera’s sensor and it’s megapixel count has been the most advertised technical specification. However, it is also widely acceptable that it is not the most important characteristic of a photograph…

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Subjects #01

If you recently decided to shoot stock photography with the goal to turn it into a viable business, then your main job is to create a few thousands of useful images. In this process, choosing your subjects has to be consistent and effective. There are a few different ways to do this but this is the first one we will discuss first, as the most popular…

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